Judith Machmer


Diptych, original acrylic, 30" x 40"x 1.5" each half (30"x 80+"), 

self-framed.  Can be installed in a corner or continuous wall.   

Original acrylic, 16"x 20"

Spilt coke, original acrylic,  8" sq x 1.5", self-framed, or framed to 9"sq x 2"d

Magnolia I, original acrylic,

8"sq. x 1.5" d, self-framed

Magnolia I & II, original acrylics, each 8"sq x 1.5"d, self-framed or framed to 9"sq x 2"d

Sundown, original acrylic,

24"sq x 1.5'd, self-framed

Original acrylic, 16"x 20"

Copyright © 2016 - Judith Machmer

Magnolias III, original acrylic, 12"x16"X11.5"d, self-framed

High Wires,  original acrylic,

16"x 20"x 0.75" d, self-framed

Fine Art Painter

Honey, I'm Home,  original acrylic, 11" x 14" x .5"d,  self-framed